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Lone Parent

Hull Training and Adult Education

Endeavour Learning and Skills Centre, Beverley Road, Hull, HU3 1UR

This course is delivered at Various throughout Hull

Programme: ESF Youth Employment Initiative - Springboard (YEI)

Telephone: 01482 615 349



Our Lone Parent project is designed to help anyone who is a parent and sometimes struggles to juggle family life with work. We will help you to develop the skills you need to be able to achieve the perfect home/work balance. Those on the project will be able to explore and work towards:


  • Creating independence & team work
  • Communication, keeping clam and handling stress
  • Employment –how to choose the right path for you and your family
  • Applying for jobs – take the fear out of putting yourself forward for new opportunities
  • How to sell yourself on your CV and in an interview
  • Improve your English and Maths skills
  • How to use your new skills to support your families development
  • Improve your IT skills to support you and your family
  • Where to go to next? What is your next goal?


The project will also give the chance to develop on existing English and Maths skills, build confidence, self-esteem and resilience and will show you techniques for overcoming everyday challenges.

What will you be doing?

The Lone Parent offering is a bespoke support package, designed to fit around your childcare needs. We offer immediate starts with a rolling programme across a number of sites, days and times. We offer a supportive and understanding environment with a flexible process to identify the help you need to take the step back into education or work.


Experienced tutors will work with you in group and 121 sessions to build on confidence and gain new skills. We can offer advice with health issues, financial problems, child care needs and much more.


The Lone Parent offering is designed to give you an opportunity to develop your skills and confidence through a wide range of learning experiences.


NEW Courses


Coffee Morning Drop In events will take place at various time and locations across the city.  These are so parents can come and have a chat about their needs and how we can help.  Very informal and no obligation.


Short courses (3-5 weeks)


Family play and Learn (5 Weeks x 2 hours)

A series of pick and mix activities for both parents and children to learn together


Confidence building (3 weeks x 2 hours)

Developing your confidence as parent


Story Sack (3 weeks x 2 hours)

Learn how to design games or activities to share at home themed around children’s favourite stories or books


Children’s Behaviour (3 weeks x 2 hours)

Looking at what influences child behaviour 


Reading at home (3 weeks course x 2 hours)

Designed to build on your confidence to read with your children at home


Selling on the internet (3 week course x 2 hours)

Looking at how to sell on the internet, sharing ideas and techniques.


IT and your child (3 week course x 2 hours)

Looking at child safety online and safe learning websites to support your child


IT and your home (3 week course x 2 hours)

Looking at internet safety in your home, how to access online accounts and find information.

IT to access work (3 week course x 2 hours)

Support on how to effectively use the internet to gain employment.

Crafting with your child (3 week course x 2 hours)

Developing small craft ideas and techniques that you can share with your children at home

Mend & Repair (3 week course x 2 hours)

Tips, techniques and tricks on how to repair children’s clothing


Cake Decorating (3 Weeks x 2 hours)

Learn how to create fabulous cake decorations


Flower arranging (3 weeks x 2 hours)

Learn how to create basic flower arrangements for the home


Introduction to Maths or English (3 weeks x 2 hours)

Getting yourself back into maths or English


Long Courses (10-12 weeks x 2 hours)


Level 1 Teaching Assistant (12 weeks x 2 hours)

This is a short level 1 course for people who are new to volunteering or working in the school classroom. This course is suitable for those returning to learning or who have little experience of working with children.


Start Date: Flexible

Duration: Flexible programmes (Part Time)

Hours spent per week: 4 hrs

How is it delivered?

Experienced tutors will work with you in group and 121 sessions to build on confidence and gain new skills.

Availability: 2020-2021

Who can do it?

Age Range:

What will you be working towards?

Skills Sector: Education and Training

Type: Other Learning

Level: No Level

Additional Information

Course Contact: Sally Drury - 07725 557 184

Course Timetable: Flexible programmes


Hull Training and Adult Education offer a number of vocational programmes such as Traineeships, Apprenticeships and study programmes. We also offer within our Adult Education area access to Functional skills GCSE’s, Family Learning courses and a variety of beginner courses.