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Leona's advice: “Persevere! The Creative Industry is difficult but don’t give up! Take every opportunity.” 🙌

It was Leona’s Job Centre Advisor that suggested her enrolment to the project and ever since her involvement, unique and exciting opportunities have come her way! Leona studied Photography at Sheffield University and worked as a Nightclub Photographer whilst she studied. Having applied for a lot of industry jobs, Leona never received a reply - an issue many people face. Leona signed up with one of the YEI partners and loved the unique Keyworker model, giving her tonnes of help and effort finding her the work she wanted. Even now, she still feels that she could still contact them for support at any time.

Now working at Octovision Media as a Photography Editor, Leona is enjoying her role a great deal. She senses that without the project, she “would not have this job”. Having experienced how challenging the Creative Industries can be to get into, she gives some inspiring advice: “Persevere! The Creative Industry is difficult but don’t give up. Take every opportunity."

Leona enrolled on the Create to Change project provided by the YEI partner, Goodwin Development Trust.

You can contact them directly via:
☎️ 01482 485958
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